The centrepiece of this project is the documentary: a cinema-screen audiovisual (90’). At the same time the documentary will have a tv screen version (52’). This is not a shorter version of the first one: it will contain different footage, and therefore they will be complementary.

Transmedia Expansions

In order to create an extended experience, we are working on the development of a transmedia strategy related to the project.

The documentary will work as the centerpiece with Jordi Raich as the a main character. Our campaign will also focus on the user’s communityand a powerful tool in transmitting the documentary’s core values.

The transmedia campaign (a number of diverse media items focusing on both international and local issues) is an essential and integral part of the project and a powerful tool in transmitting the documentary's core values.

The project wants to do more than just show these values: it wants to share them and allow the public to expropriate the values them and put into practice the values shown by in “The Negotiators”, by providing documentary training tools.

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